Tiny Hand I post a lot of Harry suck it

1) I'm basically on semi-hiatus because school

2) Currently reading: Xenocide, by Orson Scott Card

3) The game list!!

You and me. Time and Space. You watch us run

Im Maria, I like clothes and I think you are wonderfully cute

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STOP. This is the police, you’re under arrest for being too cute. Now, put your hands where I can hold them.


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do


God bless the people who play with your hair without being asked

↳ There are going to be some things that you’ll come to learn about me in the next few days. But just know that no matter how it may look, I only had you in my heart. Goodbye.

I think you know you’ve found someone special when you meet them for the first time, and it feels like you’re just picking up where you left off. You kind of look at them and think
‘Where the hell did you come from? Where the hell have you been?’


*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

Dylan O’Brien arriving at Giffoni 


i hope harry fucks as slow as he talks


Never let this picture die

sharpmarc asked: We should meet in Spain?? just an idea??

Ive been thinking about it a lot actually and idk I mean if you CAN do it, you should totally go to Spain because that would be just awesome… where is your brother’s house located tho???